Our Commitment

For those new to the College, welcome.
To our cherished alumni, welcome home.

Alumni and Donors, Current Students, and Supporters

The College of Education is committed to building bridges between academic learning and the realities experienced by teachers and the children and youth in their classrooms and communities. This is done through research that is grounded and connected to teaching and learning; through responsive programming that is developed and targeted to meet the needs of multiple partners; and through reconciliation—to establish understandings and relationships founded on mutual respect in order to pave the way for a stronger, healthier future. We know that the success of education throughout the world begins with sound programming, faculty, partners, and supporters committed to an endeavour larger than themselves. At the College, the sum of the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

We are proud of our students and alumni, and have been throughout our 95-year history in teacher education and research. Our esteemed alumni are the second largest group on campus—with over 33,000 graduates from our undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs and counting. We take pride in and stand behind the ways in which our alumni have changed the world—whether through the teaching profession, working in communities, continuing in academia, or through the many leadership roles held by our many graduates. Our continuous belief in the profession, along with our concerted commitment to supporting the work of education are our greatest assets.

We are overwhelmingly grateful to the many alumni and partners who have supported our students and our work. It is through this collaborative commitment that we continue to expand our reputation as a culturally diverse, robust, and innovative center for teacher and adult education throughout the province. Thank you for your commitment.

For those new to being connected to the College, welcome. To our cherished alumni, welcome home. We are proud of you.

Dr Michelle Prytula

Dean, College of Education