Mission Statement


  • to provide a centre for exemplary on-campus training for graduate students
  • to offer community opportunities for accessible best-practice psycho-educational assessments and interventions
  • to provide a context for graduate student and faculty research


Our Vision is to promote the College of Education and Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education through the integration of practice and research in psycho-educational assessment and intervention.  CAIRS will become renowned for its leading edge teaching model and will be a sought-after training site for students and community members.


CAIRS will strive to enhance the teaching, research, and community service missions of the College of Education as well as the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education.  CAIRS will increase availability of training opportunities for students through rich field-study learning opportunities under the supervision of Registered Psychologists (faculty and community members), thus addressing challenges related to the current limitations of numbers of community field sites as well as assessment costs. More specifically, CAIRS will fill a need for provisional psychologists who are in need of supervised practice hours to as part of their registration requirements with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists. In turn, high-quality low-cost services will be provided to fulfill the community and individual assessment needs of children, adolescents and adults. 

An assessment centre on campus will increase the profile of the College of Education within the greater Saskatoon community as its members come to know CAIRS as a client-centred, cost-effective, and efficient agency for assessment.  Further, CAIRS will be an additional referral source for those school systems who may have lengthy wait lists for needed psycho-educational assessments.