Tan'si    ?dlánt'    Welcome
to our
Rekindling Traditions
Cross-Cultural Science & Technology Units (CCSTU) Project

Our Goal

To make Western science and engineering accessible to Aboriginal students in ways that nurture their own cultural identities; that is, so students are not expected to set aside their culture's view of the material world when they study science at school.

Our Project

  1. To produce teaching materials and instruction/assessment methods that:
    1. exemplify cross-cultural teaching for Aboriginal students in grades 6-12
    2. engage students in both Aboriginal and Western sciences and technologies.

  2. To develop a process for reformulating teaching materials and instruction/assessment methods taken from other places, so that they are culturally sensitive and responsive to an individual community. This process involves people in the community working collaboratively with science teachers.

  3. To inspire others to continue this work. We're going to write a teacher's guide for cross-cultural science teaching, and we're going to relate stories of how we made the reformulating process happen.
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