Office of the Dean

Dr Michelle Prytula

Dean, College of Education

Students of the College of Education, along with teachers in the profession, current and past, are a fundamental component of the success of society. As an essential player at the University of Saskatchewan—a member of U15, Canada’s research-intensive universities—the College of Education strives to identify and nurture talent, and seeks to fulfill the next generation of Canadian and world leaders.

The College of Education is committed to building bridges between academic learning and the realities experienced through teaching and learning in classrooms and communities. This is done through research that is grounded and connected to classrooms and communities; through responsive programming that is developed and targeted to meet the needs of multiple partners; and through reconciliation—to establish understandings and relationships founded on mutual respect in order to pave the way for a stronger, healthier future.

Our programs stretch understanding. They create spaces in which students learn to challenge themselves and their assumptions, and to advance their skills and dispositions in teaching. Our undergraduate programs provide our students with the opportunity to rigorously engage in subject matter; to develop their knowledge of historic, Indigenous, and diverse content; to build their identity as professionals; and to emerge as graduates ready to fulfill the mission of not only being, but also educating the leaders of tomorrow. Our certificate and graduate programs build on previous knowledge, providing students with the opportunity to advance their learning in areas of specialization and to conduct research with findings benefitting education locally and globally.

We value all educators and partners situated in our province, First Nation schools, and beyond Saskatchewan, and realize that the success of education throughout the world begins with sound programming and faculty committed to an endeavour larger than themselves. At the College, the sum of the whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

Students of the College have made the right choice to learn here. Welcome to the College of Education.