Educational Administration

Acting Department Head

Picture of  Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson Professor and Department Head, Curriculum Studies. Acting Department Head, Educational Administration and Educational Foundations

Research Area(s): technology; authentic learning; design


Picture of  David Burgess

David Burgess Associate Dean (Research, Graduate Support, and International Initiatives)

Research Area(s): organizational modelling and analysis; educational and administrative law

Picture of  Michael Cottrell

Michael Cottrell Associate Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): Native-Newcomer Relations; Indigenous Education; International and Comparative Education; Educational Leadership.

Picture of  Dirk Morrison

Dirk Morrison Associate Professor & Graduate Chair, Curriculum Studies. Graduate Chair, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): e-learning; ID; EdTech; informal learning

Picture of  Paul Newton

Paul Newton Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): school Improvement; the principalship; leadership; staff development

Picture of  Janet Okoko

Janet Okoko Associate Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): School Leadership Preparation and Development, Socially Empowered Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Education Programs, Immigrants and Minority Education

Picture of  Michelle Prytula

Michelle Prytula Associate Professor (On Administrative Leave), Educational Administration

Research Area(s): learning; identity; leadershp; induction; improvement

Picture of  Vicki  Squires

Vicki Squires Associate Professor (on sabbatical until July 2021), Educational Administration

Research Area(s): Post-Secondary Education; Leadership; Assessment and Evaluation; Organizational Theory

Picture of  Scott Tunison

Scott Tunison Assistant Professor, Educational Administration

Dr. Tunison’s research and teaching areas include strategic planning, evidence-informed decision making, Indigenous education, and K-12 leadership.

Picture of  Keith Walker

Keith Walker Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): professional and applied ethics; executive leadership, board and organizational development; trust and moral agency; hope-building through leadership; best interests of the child; teacher retention and attrition; adaptive mentorship; the spiritual dimension of leadership; flourishing schools and churches; non-Catholic students in Catholic schools; wellness and policymaking; capacity building in the new economy; leadership philosophies; and decision making in public and not for profit sectors

Picture of Dr. Dawn Wallin

Dr. Dawn Wallin BA, BEd, PhD, MEd Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs, Partnerships, and Research), Educational Administration

Research Area(s): educational administration and leadership; rural education; gender and equity issues in education; teacher education

Picture of  Jing Xiao

Jing Xiao Assistant Professor, Educational Administration

Dr Xiao's research and teaching areas include international comparative educational administration, organizational theory, and post-secondary educational administration.