Educational Administration

Acting Department Head

Picture of  Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson Professor and Department Head, Curriculum Studies. Acting Department Head, Educational Administration and Educational Foundations

Research Area(s): technology; authentic learning; design


Picture of  David Burgess

David Burgess Associate Dean (Research, Graduate Support, and International Initiatives)

Research Area(s): organizational modelling and analysis; educational and administrative law

Picture of  Michael Cottrell

Michael Cottrell Associate Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): Native-Newcomer Relations; Indigenous Education; International and Comparative Education; Educational Leadership.

Picture of  Dirk Morrison

Dirk Morrison Associate Professor & Graduate Chair, Curriculum Studies. Graduate Chair, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): e-learning; ID; EdTech; informal learning

Picture of  Paul Newton

Paul Newton Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): school Improvement; the principalship; leadership; staff development

Picture of  Janet Okoko

Janet Okoko Associate Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): School Leadership Preparation and Development, Socially Empowered Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Education Programs, Immigrants and Minority Education

Picture of  Michelle Prytula

Michelle Prytula Dean, College of Education

Research Area(s): learning; identity; leadershp; induction; improvement

Picture of  Vicki  Squires

Vicki Squires Associate Professor (on sabbatical until July 2021), Educational Administration

Research Area(s): Post-Secondary Education; Leadership; Assessment and Evaluation; Organizational Theory

Picture of  Scott Tunison

Scott Tunison Assistant Professor, Educational Administration

Dr. Tunison’s research and teaching areas include strategic planning, evidence-informed decision making, Indigenous education, and K-12 leadership.

Picture of  Keith Walker

Keith Walker Professor, Educational Administration

Research Area(s): professional and applied ethics; executive leadership, board and organizational development; trust and moral agency; hope-building through leadership; best interests of the child; teacher retention and attrition; adaptive mentorship; the spiritual dimension of leadership; flourishing schools and churches; non-Catholic students in Catholic schools; wellness and policymaking; capacity building in the new economy; leadership philosophies; and decision making in public and not for profit sectors

Picture of  Dawn Wallin

Dawn Wallin Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs, Partnerships, and Research)

Research Area(s): educational administration and leadership; rural education; gender issues in education

Picture of  Jing Xiao

Jing Xiao Assistant Professor, Educational Administration

Dr Xiao's research and teaching areas include international comparative educational administration, organizational theory, and post-secondary educational administration.