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Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision

Marie Battiste
Vancouver: UBC Press, 2000

ISBN 0774807466
Hardback $75.00, Paperback $29.95
Release Date: 10/1/00

314 Pages

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The essays in this book emerge from the International Summer Institute on the cultural restoration of oppressed Indigenous peoples. The contributors, primarily Indigenous, unravel the processes of colonization that enfold modern society and resulted in the oppression of Indigenous peoples. Authors include Marie Battiste, Gregory Cajete, Erica Irene Daes, Bonnie and Eduardo Duran, J. Youngblood Henderson, Linda Hogan, Leroy Littlebear, Ted Moses, Linda Smith, Graham Smith, Robert Yazzie, among others. In moving and inspiring ways, Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision elaborates a new inclusive vision of a global and national order and articulates new approaches for protecting, healing, and restoring Indigenous cultures, world views, and languages.