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Book coverThe Practicum in Professional Education: Canadian Perspectives

Edited by Edwin G. Ralph, Keith Walker, Randolph Wimmer

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ISBN 978-1-55059-396-9, 2010, 6x9, pb., 210 pg., $32.95



This book was written to inform, encourage, and influence educational leaders in higher education who are interested in the practicum/clinical phase of education across the professional disciplines to engage in increased dialog and collaboration regarding the enhancement of this experiential-learning component of pre-service preparation.

The book is a product of a national forum in June 2008 and was one of the culminating activities of a three-year SSHRC study examining the future of the practicum/clinical phase of professional education. It offers a representative sampling of the views, experiences, and innovative practices presented by leading educators from several professional disciplines who attended the Saskatoon forum, in addition to several specifically invited authors. These cross-disciplinary contributions provide current and future perspectives on creating and maintaining effective practicum/clinical programs.

Table of Contents

  1. The Clinical/Practicum Component of Education for the Professions: Canadian Findings – Edwin Ralph, University of Saskatchewan
  2. Facilitating the Transition from Student to Professional via Internships – Jose Pereira, University of Toronto
  3. Internships in Public Policy/Administration – Kathleen McNutt and Dan Perrins, University of Regina
  4. Partnerships as a Focus for Change in Teacher Education  – Lynn Lemisko and Angela Ward, University of Saskatchewan
  5. Service Learning, Interprofessional Education, and the Social Work  Placement Experience: The Case for Combining the Best of Each World – Grant Charles and Shafik Sharamsi, University of British Columbia
  6. Practicum Programs in Business and Industry – John Rigby, University of Saskatchewan
  7. A Philosophical and Conceptual Basis for What We Are Doing: Relational and Spiritual Bases for the Practicum in Clinical Pastoral Education – Tracy Trothen, Queens University
  8. Using Participatory Action Research in Seminary Internships – Cameron Harder, University of Saskatchewan
  9. Reflections of Beginning First Nations Teachers on Field Experiences  – Randolph Wimmer, University of Alterta; Louise Legare, Yvette Arcand, and Michael Cottrell, University of Saskatchewan
  10. Practical Educational Opportunities in the Tenure Process: One Professor's Experience – Darcy MacPherson, University of Manitoba
  11. Developing Practical Wisdom During the Professional Practicum  – Keith Walker, University of Saskatchewan


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