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Jeff Baker Assistant Professor, Curriculum Studies

Chair in Aboriginal Education, College of Education

3039 Education

Curriculum Vitae

Jeff Baker is an Assistant Professor and Chair in Aboriginal Education in the Department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. A graduate of the SUNTEP program at the U of S, Jeff is a Métis educator and scholar who employs holistic and relational approaches to teaching and research to decolonize and Indigenize formal education systems. Drawing on Indigenous methodologies and pedagogies, Jeff attempts to weave Indigenous languages, knowledges, and ways of knowing throughout his academic work. Jeff's doctoral dissertation, Learning to Relate: An Exploration of Indigenous Science Education (2016) was focused on the transformative possibilities of Indigenous Science Education for catalyzing more equitable and sustainable ways of living.

In the role of Chair, Jeff's teaching and research are focused on Aboriginal education at the K-12 level. He has created two new courses, ECUR 498 – Teaching Indigenous Science and INDG 241 – Weaving Indigenous Science, that utilize a blend of classroom, online, and land-based learning to explore the differences, similarities and combined possibilities of Indigenous and Western scientific knowledge systems. Jeff has been pursuing collaborative research programs with Saskatoon Public Schools, the Central Urban Métis Federation, Inc., Whitecap Dakota First Nation that are designed to improve the experience of all students in science education through the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge. Jeff continues to build respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities locally, nationally, and globally. In a previous position Jeff helped to establish the Indigenous Voices staff and faculty development program and has now turned his attention toward professional development in Indigenous Science Education with pre-service and practicing teachers. Jeff's current teaching includes courses in Indigenous education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, particularly with the ITEP and SUNTEP programs. Jeff credits his father and international cross-cultural teaching and learning experiences for inspiring him to pursue his research interests.


Undergraduate Teaching

  • EADM 425.3 - Legal and Institutional Contexts of Education
  • ECUR 498.3 Teaching Indigenous Science
  • ECUR 322.3 Elementary Science Methods
  • INDG 241.3 Weaving Indigenous Science

Graduate Teaching

  • EADM 811.3 - History and Development of Organizational Theory
  • EADM 819.3 - First Nations Educational Leadership and Governance
Respectful Collaborations: Bringing Indigenous Knowledge to the Classroom
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