Picture of  Brenda Kalyn

Brenda Kalyn Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies

3027 Education


Dr. Brenda’s interests centre around the experiences of students and teachers within learning contexts and how these experiences shape responsive curriculum and pedagogy to improve educational practice.  Responding to teaching and learning calls the educator into an inquiry process rich with ‘wonder’ and exploration which broadens understanding in all classroom environments.


  • PhD, University of Alberta (2006)
  • MEd (Thesis), University of Saskatchewan (1994)
  • BEd, University of Regina (1975)


Undergraduate Teaching:

  • ECUR 450 - Elementary Health Methods
  • ECUR 352 - Elementary Physical Education Methods
  • ECUR 411 - Inquiry Learning
  • Internship Supervision

 Graduate Teaching:

  • ECUR/ETAD 991- Capstone Graduate Project
  • ECUR 832 - Inquiry Learning Practicum
  • ECUR 811 – Curriculum Theory
  • ECUR 812 – Curriculum Theory and Perspectives


  • Health, Physical Education, Dance Education
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Curriculum Theory, Qualitative Research
  • Indigenous and other Cultural Contexts of Knowledge

Service and Outreach

  • Member: (Advisor) Provincial Curriculum Renewal Committee: Ministry of Education.  Physical Education 20/30 (April 2017-18)
  • Member: In Motion Nutrition Positive School Action Committee (2016-18)
  • Member: (Advisory Committee) PHE Canada (Physical and Health Education National Council) Dance Education. (2012-17)
  • Member: (Sub-Committee) SAYCW: Survey Development for Saskatchewan Youth Health and Well-Being. (2012-2016)
  • Member: Physical Education (20/30) Curriculum Renewal.  Ministry of Education Saskatchewan (2011-12)
  • Member: College of Education Representative: Early Childhood Education, Ministry of Education. (July 1/09-June 30/10)

Graduate Supervision

  • Jaunzems-Fernuk. Ph.D. (2020). Dissertation. Exploring the Lives of Four Thriving Early Career Teachers in Saskatchewan. Department of Curriculum Studies. University of Saskatchewan.
  • Guillamette. Ph.D. (2017). Dissertation. The Experiences of Teachers Co-constructing Knowledge through the Mental Wellness 30 Curriculum. Department of Curriculum Studies. University of Saskatchewan.
  • Gibault, M.Ed. Thesis. (2016). Thesis. Examining Secondary Students’ Experiences with Engagement, Autonomy, and Empathy through Integrating English Language Arts and Philosophy. Department of Curriculum Studies. University of Saskatchewan. April.
  • H. Shewchuk. M.Ed. Project (2016).  Project.  Fine Art in the Core French Classroom: A Guidebook for Teaching Core French Creatively. Department of Curriculum Studies. University of Saskatchewan. March.

Selected Publications

  • Kalyn, B., Brenna, B., Jaunzems-Fernuk. (2021-in press). Teaching Sensitive Health Issues through Fiction and Non-Fiction: Using Literature in Content-Area Teacher Education CourseworkInnovative Teaching and Learning Practices in Higher Education Libri Publishing UK.
  • Kalyn, B., Lemisko, L., Squires, V., Balzer, G. (2018). Discourse Communities of Learning in Graduate School:  An Authentic Transformative Experience. In Enomoto, R. Warner & C. Nygaard (Eds.), Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Libri Publishing UK.
  • Dutka, C., & Kalyn, B. (2018). Exploring Strategies for Anxiety Management in Autism Spectrum Disorder Students through Physical Movement in a High School Setting. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice 18, 1 (p. 141-152).
  • Kalyn, B. (2014).  Indigenous knowledge in health and physical education.  In D. Robinson & L. Randall (Eds.), Teaching physical education today: Canadian perspectives (pp.153-176). Thompson Publishing.
  • Kalyn, B. (2010). My Red Boots: A Journey of Culture and Identity through Ukrainian Dance.  University of Saskatchewan Printing Services. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Selected Presentations

  • Busch A, Kalyn B, McIntyre L, Lundell L. (2019-11-18).  Educación Inclusiva. Presentation at the          Inclusive Education Workshop, Centro Rehabilitacion Integral del Litoral Alantico, La Ceiba, Honduras. 
  • Balzer, G. & Kalyn, B. Lemisko, L., Squires, V. (2019). Graduate Students’ Engagement in Learning:  The Impact of Graduate Studies on Teacher Professional Practice, Identity, and SoTL Conference.  Banff, AB. November.
  • Kalyn, B., Lemisko, L., Squires, V., & Balzer, G. (2019). Returning to the classroom:  The impact of graduate school on teacher practice. SoTL Conference. Saskatoon, Sask. May. 
  • Kalyn, B. (2018). I was Born to Move!  Maximizing Learning through Movement.  Early Childhood Head Start Programs (80 teachers - 2.5 hr professional development workshop). Hood River, Oregon. 
  • Kalyn, B.  (2017).  The practical physical education environment:  Shifts in knowledge perspectives for teacher candidates through innovative learning practices. International Education Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii. January.

In the News


  • (2015) Provost’s Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
  • (2002) Graduate Teaching Award, University of Alberta, March. 
  • (2001) Paul Renwick Award (for outstanding professional contribution to Physical Education in Saskatchewan).  Presented by SPEA (Saskatchewan Physical Education Association). 
  • (1993) Initiative Award: Project Move (practical dance education experience for pre-service teachers).  Saskatchewan Physical Education Association.