Picture of  Janet Okoko

Janet Okoko Assistant Professor, Educational Administration

Dr Okoko's research and teaching areas include school leadership preparation and development, socially empowered learning, monitoring and evaluation of education programs, immigrants and minority education.

3064 Education


  • School Leadership Preparation and Development
  • Organizational Theory
  • Educational Research and Program Evaluation
  • Immigrants and Minority Education
  • Socially Empowered Learning

Dr Janet Okoko holds a PhD in Educational leadership from the Werklund school of Education, University of Calgary. Prior to pursuing a PhD, Janet worked as an instructor at a teachers’ college, a curriculum developer, and as a monitoring and evaluation person for government and donor-funded education projects.

Her research interests include school leadership development, particularly their preparation for work with minority groups. She is currently principal investigator for tri council funded research projects aimed at preparing school leaders for work with Newcomers to whom English is an additional language with focus on a cultural proficiency. She also has an interest in education project evaluation and schools and community partnerships.  The studies she has led in the recent past include the evaluation of the Gender Responsive Pedagogy, Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP) in the refugee camps and their host community.  Janet published and presented work at international conferences on school leadership preparation and the experiences of school principals with im/migrants.  She is a member of the International Study of the Preparation of Principals.


Undergraduate Teaching

  • EDUC 425 - Legal and Institutional Context of Education
  • EADM 498 - Community Engagement and Partnerships in Education
  • EADM 411- Inquiry Project and Community Learning Field Experience

Graduate Teaching

  • EADM 811- History and Development of Organizational Theory
  • ERES 800 -  Research Methods
  • EADM 991 - Educational Leadership Field Applications
  • EADM 894 - Laboratory in Educational Administration

Selected Publications

  • Okoko, J.M., Scott, S., & Scott, D. (2014). Perceptions of school leaders in Nairobi about their leadership preparation and development. International Journal of Leadership in Education, 17(1) 1-26. doi: 10.1080/13603124.2013.877160
  • Okoko, J.M. (2011). Experiences of School Principals with Newcomers from War-Affected Countries in Africa. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 5(4), 22-234. doi: 10.1080/15595692.2011.606001
  • Webber, C., Mentz, K., Scott, S., Okoko, J.M., & Scott, D. (2014). A cross–cultural Analysis of principals’ preparation in Kenya, South Africa and Alberta, Canada. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 27(3).

Selected International Presentations

  • Okoko, J. M. (May, 2018). An analysis of school leaders experience with the English As an Additional Language Newcomers through elements of cultural proficiency. Culture and Symbiosis Education conference conducted at Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, China   
  • Okoko, J. M. (April, 2018). Preparing Leaders for work across the Dissimilar Socio-Economic divide in Kenya. In Sarah Nelson Baray (Chair). International Study of School Principal Preparation: Research across borders. Symposium conducted at the American Educational Research Association Conference, New York, and USA                                         
  • Okoko, J.M. (November 2017). Accounting for Context: Lessons from a multi organizational initiative that evaluated a Teacher Education project in the refugee camps and their host communities in Kenya. American Evaluation Association, Washington DC, USA
  • Okoko. J.M, Wallin D., Hellsten, L (August, 2017). Effectiveness of the Gender Responsive Pedagogy: Kenya Equity in Education Project. Presented at the European Educational Research Association (ECER) Copenhagen Denmark
  • Okoko, J.M, Wallin, D., Hellsten, L & Mousavi, A, (May - June 2017). Researching gender responsive pedagogy in the refugee camp and host community schools in Kenya. Presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Okoko J.M. (May, 2017). Using Participatory and Child friendly methods to evaluate gender responsive pedagogy in the refugee camps and their host communities in Kenya. Presented at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign IL, USA