Picture of  Dawn Wallin

Dawn Wallin Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs, Partnerships, and Research)

Dr Wallin's research and teaching areas include educational administration and leadership; rural education; and gender issues in education.

3361 Education


Dawn Wallin acts in the capacity of Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Research and Professor in the Department of Educational Administration.  Her research interests focus on educational administration and leadership, with a particular focus on rural education and equity issues in education.  For more information about her background and research interests, please view her website.

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Wallin, D., & Newton, P. (In Press).  Rural teaching principals: “My cup overfloweth”.  Alberta Journal of Education.

Wallace, J., & Wallin, D.  (2015).  “The voice inside herself”: Transforming academic identities. Gender and Education, 1-18DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2015.1019838

Wallace, J., Wallin, D., Anderson, H., & Viczko, M.  (2014, Spr).  The first female academics in programs of Educational Administration in Canada:  Riding waves of opportunity.  McGill Journal of Education, 49(2), 437-458.

Wallin, D., & Peden, S. (2014, Spring).  Touring turtle island:  Fostering leadership capacity to support First Nations, Metis and Inuit learners.  In Education (Special Issue, Part 2: Indigenous Education), 19(3), 47-68.

Hicks, C., & Wallin, D. (2013). Values and ethics in the decision-making of rural Manitoba school principals.  Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations, 23(1), 49-63.

Sloane, A., & Wallin, D.  (2013). Theatre of the commons:  A theatrical inquiry into the democratic engagement of newcomer families in public high school communities.  Educational Research, 55(4), 454-472.

Wallin, D., & Newton, P.  (2013).  Instructional leadership of the rural teaching principal:  Double the trouble or twice the fun?  International Studies in Educational Administration, 41(2), 19-31.

Newton, P., & Wallin, D. (2013, Spr).  The teaching principal:  An untenable position or a promising model?  Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 59(1), 1-17.

Wallin, D.  (2013).  An empirical study of the career paths of senior administrators in Manitoba: Implications for career development.  McGill Journal of Education, 47(3), 1-28.


Young, J., Wallin, D., & Levin, B.  (2014).  Understanding Canadian schools: An introduction to educational administration (5th ed.).  E-Book available online.

Book Chapters

Wallin, D.  (2015).  Feminist thought and/in Educational Administration: Conceptualizing the issues.  In P. Newton & D. Burgess (Eds.), Educational administration and leadership: Theoretical foundations (pp. 81-103).  Toronto, ON: Routledge Publishing.