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Education Matters: The Journal of Teaching and Learning is an open-access peer-reviewed publication forum for research in education for and by scholars throughout the world including new scholars from the University of Saskatchewan. As such, its primary objective is to foster connections among researchers to build a coherent knowledge base in education across geographic and intellectual borders while at the same time conveying a sense of local place related to the Canadian and Saskatchewan context. Contributions from graduate students are particularly encouraged, and our Student Editor, Lisa Gaylor, is available on a weekly basis to meet with graduate students and assist with their journey towards publication.

Education Matters welcomes the following related to the discipline of education: reports of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method studies, essays, poetry and other artistic work, and academic book reviews.  More...

Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations (JEAF)

Since 1986, the Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations (JEAF) has been devoted to scholarly and critical works in the fields of educational administration, the philosophy of education, the sociology of education, the history of education, comparative education, and contemporary issues in education. It is a forum for articles addressing the administration of schools and higher education institutions, and the education of adult learners. Its uniqueness lies in its concern to foster work, which integrates two or more of these areas of study. JEAF accepts contributions from scholars, policy makers, graduate students, and researchers in education and related fields.

JEAF is a double-blind, peer-reviewed scholarly journal.  More...

Dr. David Burgess and Dr. Bonnie Stelmach Co-Editors

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