Course Offerings and Schedule

This Master of Education course based graduate program offers a suite of courses with a land-based focus.  This focus includes intensive land-based field schools where students take graduate level courses framed within an Indigenous paradigm and taught primarily by Indigenous faculty.

Delivery - Course-Based Route

The land-based courses support and accommodate students who are unable to commit to long periods of study away from home. Students are required to live on-site for the duration of field schools (approximately 2 weeks each) so that contact hours with faculty, Indigenous communities and the land are maximized. Land-based field schools are supplemented with on campus or online courses.

Students are required to take a total of ten 3 credit unit courses plus three non-credit courses.

Suggested Course Sequencing

Land-based focus

July 27-July 29 On campus University of Saskatchewan

EFDT 990 Graduate student seminar (required non-credit course)

July 29- August 8   Opaskwayak Cree Nation              

EFDT 479 Land based education

EFDT 845 Cross-cultural Research Methodologies

Fall 2018  Online

EFDT 870   Interdisciplinary Seminar in Education

GSR 960 Introduction to Ethics and Academic Integrity (required on-line non-credit seminar)

GSR 961 Ethics and Integrity in Human Research (required on-line non-credit seminar)

January 2- January 11, 2019  Kanaka Maoli Territory, Kingdom of Hawaii 

EFDT 854  International Study Tour

Summer 2019   Location TBD     

EFDT 816  Community Development Practice

EFDT 810  Indigenous Research Methodologies

Fall 2019 Online

EFDT 844 Theory and practice of Anti-Racist Education

Winter 2020 Online

EFDT 884 Life history as Education 

Summer 2020  Canoe Excursion  

EFDT 898 Capstone Course in Indigenous land-based Education

EFDT 898 Queering land-based Education

Note: Course sequencing and fees are subject to change.

Student Costs

University set tuition costs apply. Off-campus field schools have additional course fees to cover site accommodation, meals, venue and activity costs.

These costs are:

  • On campus and Opaskwayak Cree Nation (Summer 2018) - $1,651.00
  • Hawaii International Study Tour (January 2 - 11, 2019) - $3664.00
  • Location TBD (Summer 2019) - $1651.00-1851.00
  • Canoe Excursion (Summer 2020) - $1,651-$1851.00