July 17 - 29, 2018

  • Are you interested in International Education and learning about the history, culture, language and school system of Ireland?
  • If you are interested in experiencing Ireland and exploring connections and parallels between Ireland and Canada (colonization/decolonization, Indigenous language revival, immigration and multiculturalism, reconciliation, denominational schooling), then you may want to consider taking the graduate course EADM 892.3 from July 17 - 29, 2018!

Join Us

Educational Administration in a Study Abroad course in Ireland

Irish Castle

Course Titles:

EADM 892.3 Ireland North and South (Study Abroad)


Students who previously took EADM 892.3 (Ireland: History, Culture, Education) are welcome to register in EADM 892.3 in 2018.

Course Description:

This course is a Study/Taught Abroad initiative designed to introduce students to Irish history, culture and education systems through trans-disciplinary, experiential, place-based learning and a combination of formal and informal relational pedagogies.

Students will spend twelve days in Ireland, moving between four locations (Cork, Dingle Peninsula, Belfast, and Dublin) to experience the variety of Irish landscapes, rural/urban contexts, archaeological remains, cultural offerings, linguistic contexts, K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions.


Topics we will engage with:

  • Irish History from colonial and post-colonial perspectives
  • Parallels and connections between Irish and Canadian colonization/decolonization/reconciliation
  • Irish diaspora & globalization
  • Irish influences in the Canadian education system
  • Revitalization of the Irish language through education
  • Irish music, culture, archaeology, storytelling, folklore

When and Where

  • July 17 - 29, 2018
  • Cork for 4 nights; Dingle Peninsula for 3 nights; Belfast for 1 night; Dublin for 4 nights

Added Bonus

Ireland is a country steeped in wonderful music, both traditional and contemporary. We will have lots of opportunities to enjoy Ireland’s vibrant music, legendary hospitality and pub culture.

Estimated Cost

  • $4500 (includes airfare, all accommodations, transportation in Ireland, guest speakers, some food, and access to cultural/heritage sites). We are working with ISSAC and departments to secure additional funding to reduce costs.
  • The International Student and Study Abroad Center at University of Saskatchewan will provide $1,000 to all students enrolled in Study Abroad courses in 2018. Bursaries are also available for Indigenous students.

Information Meeting

March 3rd, 2018 12 - 2pm ED 1024


If you are interested in going to Ireland to take this course in July 2018, please contact:

Dr. Michael Cottrell
Educational Administration
(306) 966- 7690

Note: Graduate students from other departments and colleges are also eligible and welcome to take this course. If you are interested in taking the course but you are not a graduate student, you can enroll as a non-degree student. The class has a maximum of 18 students.