What our current peer mentors have to say


Courtney Christensen

Being a peer mentor has allowed me to apply what I have learned in my education classes to real life teaching. This helped me to work on skills such as public speaking before going into my 321 and 322 field experiences, which allowed me to feel more confident and comfortable in my 321 field experience.  I have also enjoyed the social opportunities to build relationships and network through training opportunities and the people within my learning communities.  Being a peer mentor opened more doors academically and socially and reaffirmed my desire to be a teacher.

Lauren Gartner

  • Gained experience in front of a group of people
  • Gained many positive, long lasting relationships in the College
  • Gained planning, time management, and communication skills
  • Gained leadership skills

Nicole Loewen

This is my third term being a peer mentor and I have had an amazing experience throughout each term.  I became a peer mentor to overcome anxiety with public speaking and get more experience making lesson plans.  I have also built relationships with other peer mentors and people in the learning communities that has made my time at the College a fun time.  I encourage you to become a peer mentor if you are possibly thinking about it.

Kennedy Topott

  • Opportunity to practice a deadline for preparing lessons
  • Connecting with peers in the College
  • Opportunity to dig deep into the content of the 200 level learning communities
  • It meant confidence in not second guessing myself
  • Becoming a leader/support for my peers

Don Wang

Peer mentoring has given me an opportunity to facilitate activities and discussions before entering a classroom.  It has been great to connect with other peers in the college that I would normally not have the chance to.

Ty Amundson

The peer mentor experience has allowed me to make connections within the College, foster identity and mold myself into a unique individual with confidence for future placements.

Lindsay Kiefer

  • To become more comfortable with public speaking
  • Amazing community
  • Great leaders

Jael Bussieres

Great experience and made great connections with peer mentors and learning communities.

Jenna Doucette

Peer mentoring has given me experience in front of a classroom that I otherwise would not have had, as well as introduced me to so many more people.  I’ve made so many friends who I get to learn from all the time.

Maya Kolen

Peer mentoring has really helped me to get out of my shell.  It has also brought me a lot of joy and has helped me to feel like I am part of a community.

Robyn Freyling

Over the past 2 years, being a peer mentor has given me so much.  It has given me the confidence to present and teach in front of my peers.  It has allowed me to grow my professional identity within the College and in my career. Finally, it has allowed me to create lasting friendships with other teacher candidates. It has beena blas to be a part of this community of peer mentors. I cannot recommend it enough!

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