What our current peer mentors have to say


Becoming a peer mentor allowed me to gain a lot more confidence in my teaching and lesson planning. I would highly encourage people to become peer mentors because it provides great opportunities to improve and learn more for their placements and future teaching.    
-Makenzie Reddekopp

I made a lot of friends by being a peer mentor, and it opened my eyes to a lot of useful tools to use both in the College of Education and in my future as an educator.

-Caet Nicolson  

I really enjoyed peer mentoring. It helped me get comfortable speaking in front of a group of students of my own age. To help with class presentations and to help with teaching in the near future. I’ve also had the pleasure to meet so many teacher candidates!
-Lindsay Kiefer

Being a peer mentor has been a very rewarding experience. My confidence in being in front of a class has grown significantly and I feel as though it is great preparation for becoming a teacher. If anyone is considering becoming a peer mentor, I would definitely recommend it, and even if there is some nervousness, try to push through it because I believe that it has set me up for success. 

-Alyssa Fick

Being a peer mentor allowed me to practice creating lesson plans and teaching in a professional setting. I was able to meet many other students in the college and gained valuable resources that will help me as an educator.  I would recommend becoming a peer mentor for the experience and building a sense of community with other people from the College of Education. 

-Nicole Loewen

Being a peer mentor has helped me in practicing professionalism and in working as a team with my co-peer mentor.  It was also helpful to practice using different methods of teaching and presenting as well as using different learning activities. I liked getting to share knowledge and experiences with the students in my learning community and listen to their experiences and knowledge. I feel like we all learned so much from each other. 

-Leah Mennie

As a peer mentor, I was able to create meaningful connections with fellow students and my co-peer mentor. Being a peer mentor has helped me grow more confident and allowed me to express and share content/knowledge in new, creative ways. I've had the opportunity to work alongside great, hard-working individuals.

Additionally, I've had the chance to meet new students and peers that I would never have gotten to know if I hadn't done this. I am continually learning new things from my co-peer mentors and my learning community. I am so grateful to have been a part of this inclusive and welcoming environment. 

-Cing Zun

Being a peer mentor gave me plenty of opportunities to learn and practice skills that can be used in my future classroom. As someone who missed out on my first practicum, I had plenty of worries about talking in front of a classroom with confidence and clarity. Partaking in the peer mentor program gave me the opportunity to practice my planning and presenting skills and gain much more confidence in my teaching skills. As someone who was initially hesitant to join the program, I highly recommend joining if you want to be more prepared for your placements and want to have fun doing so!

-Dawson Kreiger

Being a peer mentor has dramatically increased my confidence in my teaching abilities. Working among my peers has deepened my understanding of what it means to be an educator, as well as helped me to create lasting bonds with members of the College of Education community. I am so grateful for all of the great connections and friendships made with this wonderful community of future educators!

-Sydney Boucher

One of the best opportunities I have had as a peer mentor was the challenge of thinking on the spot and adapting when things don't go well. Power points will crash, projectors could mess up, you could be given questions you might not know the answer to, and all of this is perfectly fine. It gets you used to public speaking, and all of these might happen when you're a teacher. Peer mentoring is such a good time, and it challenges you in ways you might not even consider. So worth it!

-Teigen Clark

Being a peer mentor provided me with great experiences, such as speaking/teaching to my fellow teacher candidates, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment and working consistently and closely with a co-peer mentor.

The experience has shown me how to model professionalism, how to engage students and how to feel comfortable speaking in front of others and building relationships with them. It is definitely experience I will bring with me into my future field experiences and in my future teaching. To anyone considering peer mentorship - go for it! It is an amazing learning experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone and strengthens your connections to the College of Education.

-Emma Dixon

Being a peer mentor gave me the opportunity to publicly speak, and teach in a welcoming environment. This opportunity has built my confidence in delivering content, and adjusting to the needs of the learning community. Collaborating alongside my co-peer mentor, and training with other peer mentors has contributed to my education experience. You will have plenty of support becoming a peer mentor, and is a great experience to be part of!

-Nicole Bernabe

I've created friends I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet without becoming a peer mentor. It has been a fulfilling experience that has made me a better person. If you're on the fence about joining, it is well worth it! 

-Amy Stead

Being a part of the peer mentor team has given me a chance to be a better leader, not only among peers but also my future students. I encourage everyone to consider becoming a peer mentor. Not only will this opportunity allow you to become a part of a community that is constantly cheering you on, but you will also gain invaluable knowledge and resources for success in your own future classrooms. 

-Shawna Douglas

Becoming a peer mentor has allowed me the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with fellow peer mentors and students in the college which has lead to meaningful friendship.

In addition, this opportunity to walk along side other first year students in the college of education has provided a pathway for me enhance teaching capacity through weekly presentations, organizational tools and resolving conflict in a professional way. Both the conversations and opportunities to enhance my skills as a future teacher have taught me how important the peer mentorship program is to me as an individual and to the college.

-Coralee Ebach

Being a peer mentor gave me the opportunity to know peers in my year but also peers in other years that I would normally not have a chance to interact with. It helped with some of my performance anxiety of speaking in front of a large group of people. Above all, it was a great experience to have my first opportunity of being “on the other side of the desk” and to recognize how teachers need to think out of the box to engage with their students.

-Don Wang

Deciding to become a peer mentor has given me an opportunity to gain confidence in facilitating important discussions with like-minded individuals in the college of education.

I have learned a lot about how to create and facilitate engaging lessons, have reciprocal conversations about important topics with peers, and gain an understanding of how what I am learning in classes can be used in practice. I can use these tools from peer mentoring in combination with the things I am learning in my classes as a teacher candidate both in and out of the classroom. I have also made lots of friends throughout this experience and it is an amazing community to be a part of! 

-Blair Gilmour

Being a peer mentor was a great opportunity for me to get more comfortable in classrooms and communicating with students, while also being a really fun experience. Peer mentoring also gave me the opportunity to get to know a lot of other education students and to collaborate with them. This experience has been very valuable to me as a future educator and has made me less nervous about my upcoming practicum. 

-Jael Bussieres

Becoming a peer mentor has given me the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with my peers. My experience as a peer mentor has greatly improved my skills and confidence in planning and delivering content. I highly encourage you to consider and apply to become a peer mentor. It will give you chances to meet and interact with your education peers, as well as strengthen your connection with the College of Education! Don’t be afraid to join as you will have the support you may need from great people during your time as a peer mentor!

-Marinelle Hernandez

This program provided me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, gain new perspectives, and strengthen my connections with both fellow mentors and peers. As a student, it is so important to have a good support network, particularly during these challenging and unpredictable times. The people I have met working as a peer mentor have become friends who I hope one day will be fellow colleagues! I would encourage anyone who is unsure of whether they would be a good peer mentor to sign up – it has been one of the highlights of my experience in the College of Education.

-Christine Helmuth

Being a peer mentor has brought me more opportunities than I ever expected. There is no experience quite like this one. I was given the opportunity to be a moderator at the 26th National Congress on Rural Education. Not only have I connected with other U of S Education students but with some amazing employees from our university. Connecting with your college makes your experience that much more personal and meaningful.

The opportunity had taught me so much about being a teacher. You learn how to manage your time and how to improve your teaching every week.

Take the risk! It might sound scary, but it is an amazing opportunity! You can do it! The peer mentor training team will be beside you the entire time!

-Celine Wilson

I have been able to meet so many cool, charismatic, and funny people among all the Peer Mentors, as well as gained more confidence in speaking at the front of the classroom- something all teachers need to be comfortable with.

"I have felt an improvement in the LC content over the last four years, and find I am learning so much as a Peer Mentor, compared to being a student. I am excited to use lots of what I am learning now in my upcoming years.

-Columbia Garbutt

Peer mentoring has taught me many valuable skills that have helped prepare me for teaching in K-12 classrooms. As a Peer Mentor you learn how to conduct yourself as a leader in the room. This role teaches you how to successfully engage students in a classroom, build relationships, manage time, and teaches you the importance of staying organized in your plans.

Most importantly, Peer mentoring has allowed me to help foster a community environment for future educators!

My undergraduate program experience was enhanced because of my role as a Peer Mentor.

-Rhianna Olson

Being a peer mentor gave me opportunities to not only be in a leadership position, the opportunity to meet other Ed students who were in my year, but arguably the most important thing that being a peer mentor did for me was giving me the ability to grow to be more confident and comfortable with being in front of a group of individuals and honestly just talking with other people. I was incredibly shy at the beginning of my third year, and I still am really shy, but there has definitely been some growth.

-Victoria Williams

As a peer mentor I had the opportunity to practice speaking to a group of students and to get familiar with doing so. I also had the opportunity to support first year students and answer some of their questions that they are often scared to ask.

Being a peer mentor also relieved some of my stress going into my practicum because I had gained experience teaching. I highly recommend becoming a peer mentor to gain leadership and teaching experience and to also make connections with other teacher candidates.

-Taylor Gabrielson

  As a peer mentor I was able to grow in my understanding of technology used this year to work with students. It can be challenging at times if the group isn't very talkative, but this gives you an opportunity to work on those skills as you may need them for future classrooms.

It is rewarding to be able to support others and help answer their questions or to help them find the answers somewhere else.

-Brooke Asmundson

Being a peer mentor has provided me the opportunity to make connections with other people in the college along with developing my practice in regard to becoming an educator.

It's given me various strategies for teaching and has allowed me to learn from guest speakers and those I've mentored.

For anyone who is debating becoming a peer mentor just do it! It is the best opportunity you'll ever get to practice teaching, make a new friend with your co-peer mentor or those in your learning community, and help guide first and second year students through their first couple years of university.

-Shae Dixon

I was able to make connections with people in my year and that has been amazing with remote learning and COVID. As for preparing me for the classroom, I found that the biggest thing it has prepared me for is timing lessons. Determining how long this discussion will take or how long this activity will take.

It has also helped me start being able to read a classroom and determine if I need to have a longer wait time or if the students are ready to move on to the next topic or if they need more clarification on a topic. It was also really nice to get used to talking to a classroom full of people before I entered my classrooms for 321.

-Jordyn Pillar

I was able to learn how to teach in front of people no matter what was going on in my life, how to build relationships with your peers/students, and was able to take many teaching risks and I was able to see what works and what doesn't work.

Being a peer mentor helps you become prepared for teaching as it replicates what it would be like in schools, talking to your administration, collaborating with others and the general teaching responsibilities. It is a great opportunity to have experiences that put you ahead of others just from learning more about the college and the resources from the lessons you teach, and your experiences from instructing learning communities.

-Alexis Witte

Peer mentorship allowed me to gain some practice in the field of teaching before heading into my practicum. If I did not have experience being a peer mentor, I believe I would have to spend my first practicum becoming comfortable in front of students, finding my voice, and searching for ways to connect with others. Instead, I already had experience in these basic areas and have shown my cooperating teacher I am confident in my ability to teach as I knew how I wanted to approach students and the profession.

-Melissa Dmytrow

Learnt how to plan a lesson over WebEx, which has been great addition to my technology skills. Learning how to speak in-front of a group and students and also collaborate with students, staff, and other peer mentors has been valuable to me in furthering my ability to communicate professionally. I have also gotten feedback from students about certain strategies for presenting and doing attendance to make meetings fun and engaging.

If someone was considering becoming a peer mentor, I would say it’s a great idea, you get lots of resources, many ideas you can implement in your own future classrooms.

-Carlee Huber

For me personally this was a great opportunity to build connections and guide future teachers on their path to becoming an educator.

When I was in first year and in learning communities I remember my peer mentors guiding me extremely well. They made me feel like I was not alone in the chaos of my first time experiencing University. I remember thinking then I want to be able to do that for other students in the education program and here I sit.

Being a peer mentor has gave me the opportunity to build personal connections, make friends, find new resources, and be more personally involved within the education program. It prepared me for teaching because it gave me the confidence in myself to speak out-loud, share my thoughts and guide people. I recently just had a girl ask me in our last meeting how I became a peer mentor. I stated the process and explained the peer mentor community is like no other. The friends and laughs you build is truly amazing. But also helps you as a future educator to build confidence and carve your way to becoming a teacher.

The process is great and rewarding as a peer mentor.

-Kasidy Newman

Becoming a peer mentor has had a huge impact on preparing me for teaching, especially in this online world that we are living in. I was intimidated at first but decided it would be a great first step to take in the journey of becoming a teacher.

This experience has allowed me to gain confidence in many areas, such as instructing, technology, troubleshooting, speaking in front of peers, leadership and so much more. Even after being a student in a learning community, I still feel like I have learnt so much through being a peer mentor and leading others throughout the different weeks. Becoming a peer mentor has allowed me to connect and collaborate with other education students and has given me the opportunity to become a part of this amazing community of colleagues.

 -Kearcy Bradley

As a peer mentor, I got confident talking in front of a group of people. This became very helpful in my internship as I was extremely nervous before starting but was more comfortable than I previously had been because of my time as a peer mentor.

"I also learn so much from the presenters as a peer mentor because this is something that is applicable to my life right now, and I will be looking forward to using it next year.

-Kelby Anderson  

As a peer mentor I have gotten to know other college of education students and form a community. While leading the learning communities it provides me with positive experience talking in front of a group, reading lesson plans, coming up with activities, and communicating with students and peers. I also have found that it has given me a practice to adapt quickly if something doesn't go as planned, which is something you also have to do when in the classroom.

This year I found it extremely helpful as we got WebEx training. I felt confident using WebEx in other classes, as well as for my student teaching. I always like it when we have guests come in as it's another way to create connections and get to know people involved in the college or in schools.

-Emma Teed

Being a peer mentor, this term has been one of the best decisions that I have made.

Peer mentorship has allowed me to collaborate with my fellow colleagues to help students in the College of Education understand the importance of working together to make a difference and aid each other in our future teaching careers. The experience has helped me develop confidence in teaching in both a classroom and in a virtual setting; create and reaffirm stronger relationships with my colleagues; and gave me the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

-Reggie Gomas

Being a peer mentor allowed me to work alongside like-minded individuals who wanted to push themselves to grow as leaders in a safe and comfortable environment. I also really enjoyed the opportunity being a peer mentor gave me to go out of my comfort zone in being a leader for other young adults, like myself, which has helped me feel more comfortable when I have had subbing opportunities in the older high school grade level.

-Emma Letwintetz

Not only are you helping new students find their way, but it is also an excellent opportunity for you as the mentor. It is a risk free environment to practice your public speaking, to learn how to carry yourself in front of the group, to try and experiment engagement strategies, and so much more! Highly recommend.

-Taylor Schiewe  

To someone who is considering being a peer mentor even just a little bit I would say do it. It is a one of kind experience. You are not only getting experience in a teaching format, but you are building connections and relationships with guests, other peer mentors and the students involved in your learning community. It can be intimating but I have found that the students involved love having a place where they can communicate with one another, especially in the online format.

-Sydni Wilson

My work as a Peer Mentor has been essential to my development as a future educator. Through this experience, I have gained confidence in the language of instruction and have strengthened my time management, organizational, and interpersonal skills. In particular, I have gained a much greater knowledge and appreciation for effective online instruction, which I believe will continue to be a key skill for educators. This program was not only beneficial to my professional development, but my personal growth as well.

-Lydia Miliokas

Being a peer mentor opened up so many doors. Not only did it allow me to engage with teaching more, it allowed me to talk with other students and gain their perspective on concepts.

The resources we are introduced to are phenomenal, and just the sheer joy of seeing everyone once a week makes it all worth it. We've all heard this saying before, but it really applies to Peer Mentoring; You get out of it what you put into it.

-Mitch Rohrke

As a peer mentor, I was able to collaborate with others in order to plan engaging activities for students, as well as getting more comfortable talking to big groups. With everything online this year, I have also become better orientated with technology which is a skill I will take with me into the classroom.

-Cathlin Berdnt

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