Education Learning Communities

Learning Community

A Learning Community is a group of students who share common academic goals and interests – like becoming a teacher and working with children or youth. In an Education Learning Community you will get to know a small group of other Education students who will be taking some of the same courses as you while preparing to one day become educators. 

Education Learning Communities are designed specifically to support student transitions to the U of S, the College of Education, and the teaching profession by providing opportunities for students to meet to:

  • discover their passion for teaching and learning
  • make connections with classmates and future colleagues
  • study and discuss ideas together
  • collaborate to develop academic, personal, and professional skills

Register for a Learning Community

To meet degree requirements, all direct entry Education students are expected to register for an Education Learning Community in Terms 1 and 2 for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Education Peer Mentors

Education Learning Communities are led by upper-year Peer Mentors who are trained to help new students become successful in university classes and university life; to mentor students as they grow personally and advance intellectually; and, to establish lifelong friendships and a love of learning.

Peer Mentor applications are open until April 30th, 2019.

Education Professional Mentors

U of S Education Learning Communities would like to work with you in 2019-2020!
We are looking for interested presenters that would like to share their passion working with students in the K-12 system in and out of the classroom. Want to Connect with 3rd -5th year students (including Music and Kinesiology)? Have a demonstration, presentation, teach-in or philosophy you’d like to share and inspire teacher candidates getting ready to enter the profession? Then signing up to be a Professional Mentor is just for you!

What is Art of Teaching?
Art of Teaching is a mini-conference event that occurs four times a year and is focused for 3rd, 4th and 5th year Education students. Students register in a 2 hour session of their choice based on the descriptions and outcomes indicated by the presenter. We try to keep the four workshops very diverse from one another (various grade levels and curriculum subjects). Some might focus on evaluation and assessment and others may be focused on social justice and collaborative practices between teachers and support staff. There may be specific lesson demonstrations like dance or physical education; the possibilities are endless!

Who presents in the Art of Teaching workshops?
General K-12 Teachers, catalyst teachers, guidance counsellors, Educational psychologists, Social Workers, graduate students, program coordinators, special lecturers, and more!

What do students expect from presenters?
Students are looking for inspiring, hands-on activities that will provide them with resources and tools to teach engaging activities in the classroom. Some workshops are more theoretical and discussion-based than others, and that is definitely okay! We ask you, the presenter, to provide a description and outcomes to help us prepare your audience.

Now you’re interested, but not sure what to present on….
The Art of Teaching mini-conferences are a chance for new ideas to be shared! We do not create a box for presenters to fit in. We are happy to provide a venue for educators to share their passion for teaching and to bring their strengths to our students.
There are four dates we’ve already selected for the Art of Teaching Mini-Conferences, so please contact us to see if any our openings fit your schedule.

For more information contact:

Education Undergraduate Programs Office
(306) 966 - 7654