The Student Affairs and Academic Standards Committee meets once a month, unless otherwise required.

Student Affairs and Academic Standards Committee Terms of Reference

This committee is responsible for matters involving the welfare of students, especially the monitoring of standards of academic achievement and professionalism and ensuring the just and fair treatment of students in the College of Education. It is also responsible for working cooperatively with the Education Students’ Society (ESS) to develop social, cultural, co-curricular and academic activities to benefit students in the College of Education.

Student Academic Affairs Committee Request/Referral forms are found under "Forms and Checklists" at

Students or Advisors must submit the requests to the College of Education Programs Office one week before the meeting. 

  • 1.1  Review and decide on appeals submitted by students to the Assistant Dean, Student Affairs. Unless new documentation, evidence or information is presented, the committee will not normally hear appeals of decisions it has already made. Decisions of the committee perceived to be incorrect or unfair can be appealed to the Associate Dean and ultimately to the Senate-Council Board for Student Appeals. Decisions made on appeals by the Associate Dean must be reported back to the Student Affairs and Academic Standards Committee.
  • 1.2 Invite or require students or other persons to appear before the committee.
  • 1.3 Submit summaries of the minutes of meetings for faculty approval.
  • 1.4 Consider and rule upon requests for a modification of a student’s program. Such requests can be initiated either by a student, the Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, faculty member, coordinator of a TEP program or a program counsellor. It is understood that incorrect decisions involving a student’s program authorized by the Assistant Dean, program counsellors and general office staff will not be overturned by the committee.
  • 1.5 Review the standing of all students at the end of the academic year while ensuring that this review is conducted in accordance with approved promotion and convocation standards.
  • 1.6 Consider applications for Deferred Examinations as provided for by section 3.5.2 and for Supplemental Examinations as provided by section 3.5.1 of the University Council and College Regulations on Examinations and Student Grievances, Appeals and Discipline Regulations.
  • 1.7 Consider applications for Special Deferred and Special Supplemental Examinations for which a date has been agreed to by the instructor.
  • 1.8 Consider a request by a student for an award of a pass (P) standing for a course in lieu of writing a deferred examination, provided that the student has obtained a grade of at least 65% in term work in the course in question and provided that the instructor of the course recommends Aegrotat standing.
  • 1.9 Consider a request by a student for an award of a Faculty Pass if he or she is in the final year of the B.Ed. program, has failed in only one course with a grade greater than 30%, and has a C.W.A. of at least 70%.
  • 1.10 Consider requests by students for exemption from all or part of Student Teaching or the Extended Practicum.
  • 1.11 Consider appeals related to the evaluation of teaching performance in Student Teaching and the Extended Practicum.
  • 1.12 Meet with a student who has either failed or failed to appear for the Extended Practicum and who is requesting permission to repeat the Extended Practicum.
  • 1.13 Approve recommendations made by the Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, that specify the conditions associated with the repetition of a failed or incomplete Student Teaching or Extended Practicum experience.
  • 1.14  Act as the College Committee on Academic Dishonesty to deal with offenses of academic dishonesty and other academic offenses as outlined in the University Council and College Regulations on Examinations and Student Grievances, Appeals and Discipline Regulations.
  • 1.15 Require or advise a student to discontinue his or her studies in the College of Education for unprofessional conduct or for reasons other than academic performance.
  • 1.16 Consider requests by Faculty for exemption from final examinations.
  • 1.17 Work with the Education Students’ Society to plan and coordinate College representation at the annual University of Saskatchewan Open House and to sponsor events that benefit students in the College.
  • 1.18  Select and notify recipients of bursaries, scholarships and awards available for undergraduate students in the College of Education.
  • 1.19 Review terms of reference of bursaries, scholarships and awards to ensure that they are consistent with the aims of the College of Education and current economic and social conditions.
  • 1.20  Prepare a citation for the Dean describing the accomplishments of the winner of the STF Prize to be presented at Convocation.
  • 1.21  Sponsor an annual ceremony at which awards, bursaries, and scholarships are presented to the winners.
  • 1.22 Develop mechanisms for informing students of available bursaries and scholarships.
  • 1.23 Ensure lines of communication with the Undergraduate Program Committee and the Faculty Policy and Planning Committee.
  • 2.1 The Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, (ex-officio with vote); six faculty members elected at large (each department is entitled to at least one representative); one Alternative faculty member; two students named by the Education Students’ Society. Faculty members, except for the Assistant Dean, shall be appointed for two year terms. In order to achieve reasonable turnover, some members shall be appointed initially for terms of 1 or 2 years.
  • 2.2 The committee shall elect its own chairperson. In the event of the elected chairperson's absence from a meeting, a designate shall be appointed by those present at the SAASC meeting to act as chair for the current meeting.
  • 2.3 The Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, is responsible for the preparation of agendas and minutes, the disposition of the cases to be decided, the documentation and presentation of the cases to be considered, and the implementation of committee decisions. He or she is also responsible for informing students in writing about the decisions of the committee and ensuring that a copy of the correspondence is placed in the student’s file.
  • 2.4 Students shall, if possible, serve for two consecutive years.
  • 2.5 Students serving on this committee during their internship will be assigned to schools in or very near to Saskatoon.
  • 2.6 A quorum shall consist of 4 of the 9 members.
  • 2.7 The chairperson shall have the authority to second faculty in order to attain a quorum.

2022-23 Meeting Dates:

Student Affairs and Academic Standards Committee (SAASC) Fridays, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • Sept 16
  • Oct 14
  • Nov 18
  • Dec 9
  • Jan 20
  • Feb 17
  • Mar 17
  • Apr 14
  • May 19