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School Mathematics for Reconciliation:
From a 19th to a 21st Century Curriculum

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Enhancing School Science with Indigenous Knowledge:
What We Know from Teachers and Research

Developed by the Saskatoon Public School Division, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Published in 2014 with Amazon.ca.

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Bridging Cultures: Indigenous and Scientific Ways of Knowing Nature

Glen Aikenhead & Herman Michell
Published in 2011

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"Rekindling Traditions" Project (2000)
Cross-Cultural Science & Technology Unit  
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Science Education for Everyday Life: Evidence-Based Practice

Published in 2006
Teachers College Press (New York)
Althouse Press (London, Ontario)

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STS Education: International Perspectives on Reform

Published in 1994
Teachers College Press (New York)
Joan Solomon and Glen Aikenhead (Editors)

Four chapters written by Glen Aikenhead


An analysis of four ways of assessing student beliefs about STS topics
Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 1988

Curriculum change, student evaluation, and teacher practical knowledge
Science Education, 1992 (co-author)

Students' preconceptions about the epistemology of science
Science Education, 1992 (co-author)

The Development of a New Instrument: "Views on Science Technology Society" (VOSTS)
Science Education, 1992 (co-author)

Science Education: Border Crossing into the Subculture of Science
Studies in Science Education, 1996

Towards a First Nations Cross-Cultural Science and Technology Curriculum
Science Education, 1997

Cross-Cultural Science Education: A Cognitive Explanation of a Cultural Phenomenon
Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 1999

Teachers' Views on Aboriginal Students Learning Western and Aboriginal Science
Canadian Journal of Native Education, 1999

Transcending Cultural Borders: Implications for Science Teaching
Research in Science and Technological Education, 1999

Japanese and Canadian Science Teachers' Views on Science and Culture
Journal of Science Teacher Education, 2000

Students' Ease in Crossing Cultural Borders into School Science
Science Education, 2001

Integrating Western and Aboriginal Sciences: Cross-Cultural Science Teaching
Research in Science Education, 2001

The Educo-Politics of Curriculum Development
Canadian Journal of Science, Math and Technology Education, 2002

Cross-Cultural Science Teaching: Rekindling Traditions for Aboriginal Students
Canadian Journal of Science, Math and Technology Education, 2002

Chemistry and Physics Instruction: Integration, Ideologies, and Choices
Chemical Education: Research and Practice, 2003

Science-Based Occupations and the Science Curriculum
Science Education, 2005

Research into STS Science Education
Educación Química, 2005.

Towards Decolonizing the Pan-Canadian Science Framework
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 2006

Indigenous Knowledge and Science Revisited
Cultural Studies of Science Education, 2007 (co-author)

Objectivity: The Opiate of the Academic?
Cultural Studies of Science Education, 2008

Academic Science, Cultural Intransigence, and Devious Educo-Politics
Cultural Studies of Science Education, 2010

An Emerging Decolonizing Science Education in Canada
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 2010 (coauthor)

Indigenous Elementary Students' Science Instruction in Taiwan
Research in Science Education, 2011 (third author)

Book Chapters
Chapters in J. Solomon & G. Aikenhead STS Education: International Perspectives on Reform (1994). Teachers College Press, New York.

Chapter 2: The Social Contract of Science: Implications for Teaching Science

Chapter 5: What is STS Science Teaching?

Chapter 16: Consequences to Learning Science Through STS: A Research Perspective

Chapter 20: Collaborative Research and Development to Produce an STS Course for School Science


Chapter in David Kumar and Daryl Chubin (Eds.) Science, Technology, & Society: A Source Book on Research and Practice, (2000), Kluwer Academic Press, pp. 49-89.

STS Science in Canada: From Policy to Student Evaluation

Chapter in R. Millar, J. Leach, & J. Osborne, Improving Science Education: The Contribution of Research, (2000). Open University Press, UK, pp. 245-264.

Renegotiating the Culture of School Science

Chapter in C. Bryant, M. Gore, & S. Stocklmayer (Eds.), Science Communication in Theory and Practice. (2001) Kluwer Academic, Netherlands. pp. 23-45.

Science Communication with the Public: A Cross-Cultural Event

Chapter in W-M. Roth & J. Désautels (Eds.) Science Education as/for Sociopolitical Action (2002). Peter Lang. pp. 151-166

Whose Scientific Knowledge? The Colonizer and the Collonized

Chapter in R.T. Cross (Ed.), A Vision for Science Education: Responding to the Work of Peter J. Fensham. (2003). Routledge Press, pp. 59 - 75.

STS Education: A Rose by Any Other Name

Chapter in S. K. Abell & N. G. Lederman (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Science Education. (2007). Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 881-911.

Humanistic Perspectives in the Science Curriculum

In C. Linder, L. Östman, D.A. Roberts, & P-O. Wickman (Eds.), Exploring the Landscape of Scientific Literacy. (2011). Routledge, pp. 28-44.

Scientific Literacy for a Knowledge Society (co-author)

In D. Corrigan, J. Dillon, & R. Gunstone (Eds.), The Professional Knowledge Base of Science Teaching. (2011). Springer, pp. 107-127.

Towards a Cultural View on Quality Science Teaching

In T.D. Sadler et al. (Eds.), Socio-Scientific Issues in Science Classroom: Teaching, Learning and Research. (2011). Springer, pp. vii-xi.


Book Reviews

Postcolonial theories, bicultural research and wanting the best for Kenyan students
Studies in Science Education, 2014

Removing epistemic blinkers and biases: a much needed conversation
Studies in Science Education, 2015

Conference Papers

Changes Need to Succeed Where We Previously Failed (Seoul, 1997)

Recognizing and Responding to Complexity: Cultural Border Crossing into Science (Seoul, 1997)

Teachers, Teaching Strategies, and Culture (Seoul, 1997)

A Framework for Reflecting on Assessment and Evaluation (Seoul, 1997)

Exploring Ideologies: STS and HPS (HPSST, Calgary, 1997)

Integrating the Scientific Disciplines in Science Education (Potsdam, 1997)

Aboriginal School Science for Economic Development, Environmental Responsibility, and Cultural Survival (Darwin, 1998)

Barriers to Accommodating Culture in Science Classrooms (IOSTE 1999, Durban, South Africa)

Integrating Western and Aboriginal Sciences, (AERA, 2000)

Cross-Cultural Science Teaching: Praxis (NARST, 2001)

Renegotiating the Culture of School Science: Scientific Literacy for an Informed Public (Portugal, 2002)

Review of Research on Humanistic Perspectives in Science Curricula (ESERA 2003, The Netherlands)

What Science is Actually Used by Nurses? (Saskatoon, Curriculum Studies Mini-Conference, 2003)

Humanistic and Cultural Aspects of Science & Technology Education (IOSTE 2004, Lublin, Poland)

Cultural Influences on the Discipline of Chemistry (88th Canadian Chemistry Conference, 2005, Saskatoon)

Science and Technology Education from Different Cultural Perspectives (IOSTE 2006, Penang, Malaysia)

Expanding the Research Agenda for Scientific Literacy (Linnaeus tercentenary symposium 2007, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden)

Importation of Science Programs from Euro-American Countries: A Recipe for Colonization? (Conference of Asian Science Education 2008, Kao-hsiung, Taiwan)

Research Reports
Science & Culture Nexus Saskatchewan Project (1999)

Executive Summary

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"Concepts of Evidence Used In Science-Based Occupations: Acute-Care Nursing (49 pp.)" (2003)

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