Who we are

2023-2024 Education Students’ Society Executive Council

  • President: Riel Fiddler
  • Vice-President: Katie Bowman
  • Financial Executive: Ashley Stokvis-McCallan
  • Academic Executive: TBA
  • Internal Executive (Grad): Robyn Freyling
  • Internal Executive (Next Steps): Zandra Cruz
  • Social Executive: Sarah Sayed
  • STF Councilor (Interim): Mara Silgailis
  • Communications Executive (Interim): Teah Lennea


The Education Students’ Society (ESS) exists to represent, enhance and promote the academic and non-academic interests of all Education students in the college through unified, accountable and effective leadership. The Education Students’ Society seeks to enhance the experience of Education students by providing both professional and extra curricular opportunities for growth.


The following principles shall guide the ESS in all of its endeavors:

1) Involvement and Leadership

The ESS believes that student’s should participate in their college communities to enhance their experience within the College of Education. Involvement also extends to participating in the community at large to provide leadership experiences to enhance professional skills, and to provide personal satisfaction. Teachers may feel that they are in the unique position to affect future generations of our society; the ESS would contend that involvement and leadership are the first steps down this road.

2) Communication

The ESS understands that communication is the key to helping all of the sub-groups within the College of Education to become aware of the opportunities provided by the ESS. Effective communication and promotion will help students in the College of Education to become involved in the college and the community in order to attain leadership experience and ultimately personal and professional growth.


  1. To increase student awareness, participation and involvement in the college and the community by providing professional development and social opportunities.
  2. To provide academic advocacy for students as required.
  3. To constitute a recognized medium of communication between the students of the College of Education and the Faculty of the College of Education, the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation (S.T.F.), the University Students’ Council (U.S.C.), and other organizations.
  4. To bridge the gap between students within the various academic programs in the College of Education.
  5. To keep in mind that the ESS is a non-profit organization and as such should make decisions guided by what will best serve the student body.
  6. To provide financial support to those events and charities that are directly related to the University of Saskatchewan and the College of Education.
  7. To support the events and charities that are related to the profession or that foster collegiality within the University as a whole.