The Jane and Ron Graham Centre for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning supports the rigorous study, development and application of novel teaching and learning approaches that have the power to transform the future of education.

Located within the Department of Curriculum Studies in USask's College of Education, the centre provides a place for faculty, students and researchers to examine their classroom practices with a goal of sharing their experiences as bona fide research in ways that enhance the application of teaching and learning practices to benefit all stakeholders in education.

We work collaboratively with the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning, the University Library, and across disciplines to enhance teaching and learning practices at the University of Saskatchewan and beyond. Our graduate and certificate programs are the first in Canada to prepare professionals who specialize in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) benefits us all 

We’ve needed a better way to improve the teaching that happens in classrooms everywhere for so long. There are so many subjects, so many contexts, so many grade levels, so many needs, and so many personalities involved—we’ve often wondered where do we even begin to make things better?  Now we know—the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is where we begin.

SoTL is a burgeoning area of study devoted to conducting educational research within and across disciplines and sharing the results publicly. Simply stated, every discipline is unique, but SoTL recognizes they share the need to discover ways to improve learning by teaching those disciplines well. If the knowledge we gain about teaching and learning is left unexamined and confined to our classrooms, we deny others the opportunity to grow and innovate from what could be shared.

SoTL research, targeted at the classroom level, has the ability to find practical answers to the challenges that teachers face every day in their classrooms. SoTL provides the answers that work. 







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