Our new graduate programs launched in September 2022, when we welcomed our first cohort of students into the SoTL Certificate and Master of SoTL programs and we are happy to announce the NEW PhD in Education SoTL Focus for Fall 2024.  These programs are the first of their kind in Canada, and the first leading to graduate level credentials in SoTL.  The Jane and Ron Graham Centre for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning appreciates the importance of small class sizes and personal attention and feedback, especially in online learning settings. Students learn in environments that encourages discussion and focuses attention on practical skills that readily transfer to professional and/or academic environments. All classes incorporate elements of practice in their curriculum so students use what they learn to hone their skills.

Certificate in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Certificate in SoTL prepares educators to be proficient in conducting SoTL investigations in their own teaching/learning contexts and disciplines. They acquire research methods applicable in their personal educational settings, and adapt methods to their own disciplinary and contextual demands, with a particular focus on the student’s context.

Students in this program complete 12 credit units of coursework to add SoTL skills and knowledge to their current qualifications, repertoire of research skills, and disciplinary knowledge. The program provides a background in SoTL and an introduction to SoTL-specific approaches to scholarship. The program culminates in a field-experience where students conduct an articulated and approved SoTL study and publish it in an appropriate venue.

Certificate Requirements (All SOTL courses are online)

Admission requirements and deadlines available here

Master of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The M.SoTL program prepares specialists in the scholarship of teaching and learning who recognize differences in disciplinary teaching and learning contexts and can apply research methods appropriate to disciplinary and contextual demands. SoTL specialists can lead and mentor other educators in a variety of settings to inquire into their own teaching and learning and support evidence-based improvement.

Students in this program will complete 15 credit units of core courses, select 6 credit units of elective courses, and complete a thesis under the direction of a SoTL scholar.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses (15 credit units)
  • SOTL 994.0 Thesis in SoTL Research
  • SOTL 990.0 Research Seminar in SoTL 
  • GPS 960.0 Introduction to Ethics and Integrity (completed as part of SoTL 990.0)
  • GPS 961.0 Ethics and Integrity in Human Research (completed as part of SoTL 990.0)
  • ERES 800.3 Research Methods Introductory
  • SOTL 801.3 Research Methods in SoTL
  • SOTL 802.3 Historical and Theoretical Foundations of SoTL
  • SOTL 803.3 Reading Research in SoTL
  • SOTL 804.3 Research Experience in SoTL

Electives (6cu as approved by Supervisor or Director)

Admission requirements, deadlines, and list of potential supervisors are available here

Cross Departmental PhD in Education - SoTL Focus

We are excited to offer students an opportunity to complete a PhD in Education, SoTL focus, through the cross-departmental PhD program.  This dissertation-based program will follow the program requirements of the cross-departmental PhD program in the College of Education.  The requirements include three research courses and two electives, as well as the development and defence of a dissertation.  Students will focus their program on SoTL related topics and research.  This program prepares graduates for academic positions in higher education, as well as possitions that support academic success, including educational developers and educational leaders in higher education.

Applications for the cross-departmental PhD in Education will open September 2024 for the Fall 2025 intake (applications close November 30, 2024)

Cross Departmental PhD in Education - SoTL focus - Degree Requirements:

Non-Credit Requirements:
GPS 960.0 Introduction to Ethics and Integrity
GPS 961.0 Ethics and Integrity in Human Research, if research involves human subjects
ERES 996.0 Research - Dissertation 
ERES 990.0 Seminar in Doctoral Education Research and Practice

15 credit units including the following:
  • 9credit units in Educational Research in courses such as:
    • SOTL 801.3, Research Methods in SoTL
    • SOTL 804.3, Research experience in SoTL
    • ERES 898.3, Epistemologies and Ontologies in Higher Education
  • 6 credit units of electives in courses such as:
Other requirements for the degree include:
  • Doctoral Candidacy Assessment
For more information about any of our graduate progams please contact sotl@usask.ca