SSHRC Research Grant for Morrison

Dr. Dirk Morrison receives a research award

Congratulations to Dr. Dirk Morrison, Educational Technology and Design, Curriculum Studies for being awarded a SSHRC Research Award.


Project Title: How Older Adults Use Virtual Personal Learning Environments (vPLEs) to Support Informal, Self-Directed E-Learning

  • Principle Investigator: Dr. Dirk Morrison, University of Saskatchewan
  • Co-Applicant: Dr. Scott McLean, University of Calgary
  • Community Partner: Saskatchewan Council on Ageing (SCOA)


The program of research will run from July 1, 2015 through June 30th, 2017. The first phase will deliver an online survey to approximately 350 Canadian older adults, age 65+, designed to investigate the nature of participants’ virtual personal learning networks (vPLNs), as supported by social media tools and processes (Web 2.0). Using a series of 10 online focus group, the second phase will extend and enrich our understanding of how older adults create, use and enhance their vPLNs to actualize their informal, self-directed lifelong learning goals.

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