Dr. Amin Mousavi

Methodology Talks: An Introduction to Hierarchial Linear Modeling (HLM)

Presentation by Dr. Amin Mousavi

Dr. Amin Mousavi 
Presentation: Friday January 22, 2016 at Noon 

College of Education Lounge - Soup and Bread will be provided!

People tend to exist within organizational structures, such as families, schools, business organizations, churches, towns, states, and countries. Therefore any analysis that studies people (e.g., students) that are nested in some sort of hierarchy (e.g., schools), should account not only for difference between units but also for higher order factors (e.g., leadership) that affect people. This can be handled using Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM). In this talk, I'll show why HLM is important for educational researchers and how it can provide a more accurate framework for analyzing educational data from analyzing a relationship to growth curve.

Dr. Mousavi is an Assistant Professor of Psychometrics, Classroom Assessment, and Measurement in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education, College of Education, U of S. His main area of interest for teaching and research is quantitative methodology in social and behavioral sciences.

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