College of Education

Research Area(s)

  • Aboriginal Peoples; knowledge; paradigm shift; gender and construction

Academic Credentials

PhD. Anthropology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 2006
Master's Degree in Education, University of Saskatchewan. 1992
Post Graduate Diploma in Education, University of Saskatchewan.1987
Bachelor's Degree in Education, University of Saskatchewan. 1983
Teacher Training College of Nuuk, Greenland. Ilinniarfissuaq, Greenland Teacher Training

Areas of Specialization

  • Discourses on epistemologies
  • Cross-culturality
  • Multi-culturalism
  • World views – especially Inuit
  • Gender Relations
  • Resilience and Aboriginal peoples
  • Aboriginal higher learning
  • Arctic peoples and governance

Principal Courses Taught

  • Introduction to First Nations and Cross-Cultural Education
  • Resilience and Education
  • Introduction to Education

Languages spoken and written: Greenlandic, Danish, and English, some German

Previous Positions Relevant to U of S Employment

Executive Director for the Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary
Research Associate, Culture and Mental Helath Research Unit, McGill University
Senior Researcher for Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (National Inuit Organization of Canada)
Sessional Lecturer for Indian and Northern Education Program, University of Saskatchewan

Selected Publications


2010 (in print) “Inherit my Heaven: Men and women in Greeland.” Inussuk, Nuuk.

Book Chapters

2010 “Inuit Ways of Knowing: Cosmocentrism and the Role of Teasing in Child Development” chapter three in Ethological Case Study: Social conflict and the acquisition and expression of conditioned defeat. Cambridge University Press. Co-authored with Laurence J. Kirmayer.

2004 Lead author on “Gender Issues.” Arctic Human Development Report. Edited by Oran R. Young and Níels Einarsson. Oddi Printing Co. Reykjavik. Iceland

2000 “Celestial and Social Families of the Inuit.” Expressions in Canadian Native Studies. Edited by Ron Laliberte, Priscilla Settee, James Waldram, Rob Innes, Brenda MacDougall, Lesley McBain, and F. Laurie Barron. Aboriginal Program, Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan Extension Press, Saskatoon, Canada.

1995 “Canadian Inuit Teacher Training and Inuit Identity” in Ilinniarfissuaq Ukiuni 150-ini. Edited by Daniel Thorleifsen. Atuakkiorfik. Nuuk, Greenland.

Refereed Articles

2006 “Men's and women's spheres among couples from Maniitsoq (Greenland)” in Ėtudes/Inuit/Studies.” Vol #30(1).

2002 “Development and progress in the Arctic.” The Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland. Occasional series No. 3, 2002.

Selection of Professional Practice

Canadian Commission for UNESCO.
Board of Governor of Ilisimatusarfik (Greenland University).
Canadian Advisory Council for International Polar Year (IPY)
Advisory Committee member for the Minister of Natural Resources Canada: Earth Sciences.
Canadian National Steering Committee for IPY.
Conference Chair, 14th Inuit Studies Conference.

2010 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
2009 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
2007 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
2006 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
2006 Advised Government of Canada IPY officials on how to devise Social/Cultural Review to evaluate IPY scientific research applications – Inuit input on behalf of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK). 2006 Committee member advising the Government of Canada International Polar Year office to establish Calls for Proposal and adhering document for the scientific program – representing the ITK.
2005 Reviewed two of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s Junior Northern Chair holders.
2004 Mackenzie Art Gallery:
1991 Art Gallery of Ontario
2008 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Report on Policing in Nunavut.
2008 Misissuineq atoruminartoq – radio interview with research partners in Greenland.
2006 Naligiissitaaneq kia isaanit? Equality from whose point of view? Half an hour Greenland television program – interview on PhD dissertation material
2005 Nunatsiaq News: “Women’s movement skews gender issues in the North.”
2005 Nunatsiaq News: "Arnaasiaq" and "angutaasiaq" people deserve love and tolerance. An editorial piece on Inuit and diversity