College of Education

Research Area(s)

  • e-learning; ID; EdTech; informal learning

Curriculum Vitae

Dirk Morrison is an Associate Professor of Educational Technology and Design in the Department of Curriculum Studies, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan.

D. (Dirk) Morrison, Ed.D. (University of Toronto), M.Sc., B.A., Associate Professor. Research interests: instructional design practice applied to distance and e-learning; educational technology in higher education, non-formal and informal online learning environments; effects of ICT on culture and society.

Selected Papers in Refereed Journals

S. McLean, S. and D. Morrison, D., (2000). “Learners’ socio-demographic characteristics and participation in computer conferencing. Journal of Distance Education, 15(2), Fall, 2000.
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Morrison, D., (2003). Using activity theory to design constructivist online learning environments for higher order thinking: A retrospective analysis. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 29(3), (Special Issue), Fall, 2003.
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Cram, B. and Morrison, D. (2004). University continuing education units: Agents for social change? Accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education, (Special Issue), Accepted for publication, Fall, 2004.
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Selected Book Reviews

Morrison, D. (2000). Review of “Distance Training: How Innovative Organizations are using Technology to Maximize Learning and Meet Business Objectives” by Schrieber, D. A. & Berge, Z. L. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1998, 441 pgs. In: Educational Technology & Society Journal, 3(2), 2000, pp.110-114.
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Morrison, D. (2002) Review of “Cybereducation: The Future of Long Distance Education” Editors: L.R. Vandervert, L. V. Shavinina, & R. A. Cornell Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers, 2001 257 pgs. In: Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education, 28(1), pp.109-113.

Morrison, D. (2004). Review of “E-Learning in the 21st Century: A Framework for Research and Practice” D.R. Garrison & Terry Anderson. New York, NY: RoutledgeFalmer, 2003. 161 pages. In: Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 30 (2).
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Selected Invited Lectures

Morrison, D. (2001). Using the Web in Your Teaching. Invited presentation for a professional development day for the staff of Cypress Hills Regional College, November 16, Swift Current, SK.
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Morrison, D. (2004). Distributed Learning: New Tools for Health Promotion Presentation at PRHPRC Strategic Planning Session, May 18th.
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Technical Reports

Morrison, D. and Peterson, M.E. (1997). An Instructor’s Guide to Teaching and Learning On-line. Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan, June, 31 pp.
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