Undergraduate Programs

Within the College of Education, the Department of Educational Administration offers several undergraduate electives and holds responsibility for the required course for all BEd students: EADM 303.3 — Education in Society: Structures, Systems, and Stakeholders.

At the undergraduate level, courses offered by the Department focus on teacher leadership; teacher professionalism; legal issues that confront teachers, students, parents, and administrators; the operation and management of schools; and the relationships between teachers and students, teachers and parents, teachers and school-based and -board administration, and teachers and other professionals who work in tandem with schools.  All members of the Department teach in the undergraduate program of the College of Education.

Following two years of teaching experience, we encourage teachers to apply to a Graduate Program in the Department of Educational Administration.

The most current schedule of course offerings at the University of Saskatchewan is available on-line.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Educational Administration offers four graduate programs focusing on key educational issues for the improvement and effectiveness of organizations, communities, and government. Specific information about each program is accessible on the Graduate Studies website.  

The Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) is intended for students interested in study at a level beyond that found in undergraduate course-work. The Master's course-based program (MEd) represents a relatively new initiative within the Department, and has attracted many practice-focused students for whom a graduate degree offers a credential supporting in-depth professional development through the study of research and theory, as well as greater understanding, appreciation of, and experience with action research in their own school-based domain. The Master's thesis program (MEd), in addition to professional growth through study, focuses on the mentorship and preparation of students in larger scale research projects and for future progress in academia. The doctoral program (PhD) focuses attention on the preparation of academics through a rigourous, philosophical, and intense research-based extension of the Master's thesis program.

Both the thesis and doctoral programs provide an opportunity for students to pursue knowledge through research related to an area of personal concern under the supervision of a member of the faculty, normally on a full-time basis. The course-based program offers students the opportunity to pursue depth of understanding in areas of personal concern where courses are scheduled to facilitate part-time study while students maintain their employment in schools. In these ways, the Department makes an important contribution through innovative programming that has enabled hundreds of working teachers in the province to pursue graduate education at the University of Saskatchewan. Recently, through a series of initiatives for which the Department is most proud, more than 100 students have been provided the opportunity to engage in graduate education in their own communities (including one First Nation), with their own school-division colleague cohorts, and tailored to the specific needs of their school communities.

The Department of Educational Administration is a welcoming and energetic environment, where faculty are available to meet with students; where faculty teach courses on Saturdays (both in Saskatoon and in communities around the province) to ensure access to graduate studies for students who work full-time, live outside of Saskatoon, or both; and where flexibility to address student needs runs parallel to scholarly rigour.

In recent years, graduate programmes in the Department of Educational Administration frequently engage and incorporate students whose field is not within our historical base of K–12 education (including nurses, physicians, those in policy studies, business administration, and higher education administration). Furthermore, the Department is increasingly home to international students, particularly from China, and has yearly offered international experience programming. In welcoming this diversity of background and knowledge-base, and by engaging international opportunities for our graduate students, the Department continues to grow through its commitments to innovation, internationalization, and inter-disciplinarity.

Mission Statement

The Department's mission is to prepare and develop educational practitioners and scholars through teaching, research, dissemination of research, and service in the disciplines of educational administration and leadership, across organizational and international boundaries. The Department seeks to promote the advancement of wisdom, knowledge, skills, and values that are necessary for the renewal of educational organizations at the local, provincial, national, and international levels.

Local and Global

Activities, Friends, and Partners

In alignment with the local and international student engagement efforts of the University of Saskatchewan, the Department of Educational Administration is pleased to provide an overview of our programming and specific information of interest to many potential and active Aboriginal graduate students (in Plains Cree) and international graduate students from China and Brazil.



Department Support

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Graduate Program Assistant

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